Tuesday, June 21, 2011


The previous entries concerning the art test (matte painting, sprites, UI design) went well. I am now employed at Techtonic Games in Santa Barbara.
I'm ten minutes from the beach and I go a couple times a week. The job pays well and provides benefits. I don't say that I'm happy often in my life, mostly I've coasted on neutral/apathetic, but now I truly couldn't ask for more. I have a large room and live in a nice quiet neighborhood. We live right next to a creek. The office is even super close to my apartment.
Everything is settled in and we're all having fun. It's awesome working with powerful machines and the right equipment to develop games in a professional setting.

Relentless Dungeon is still on the To Do List, but Scott and I are just too busy at the moment. It also needs some help from a programmer (nudge nudge programmer buddies).